1. This association shall be called the Marlborough & District Angling Association, and shall consist of a limited number of members residing within five miles of Marlborough Town Hall. All new members residing outside the five-mile radius of Marlborough Town Hall as from 1st April 1978 will be known as Associate Members and shall be entitled to the same privileges as the full members with the exception that they have no voting powers on any association business. Members aged 16 or below on 1st January will have the same rights as an Associate Member.
  2. The Association shall be managed by a Committee consisting of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary and a selection of full members who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (five to form a quorum). A tie shall be decided by the casting vote of the Chairman.
  3. The Committee shall hold their meetings when necessary. Any member neglecting to attend three meetings in succession after receiving due notice shall cease to be a member, unless a satisfactory explanation of absence is given to the Committee. All members and candidates names must be submitted annually to the Committee for election as members of the Association. The Committee has the absolute right to refuse any person from being a member of the Association and their decision is final.
  4. Members must carry proof of membership with them at all times when using the Association waters. They must also produce it at the request of an Association Bailiff or any other member and also permit an inspection of their creel if required. No member shall allow their membership to be used by any other person.
  5. The Committee shall have the power to suspend or expel any member for violation of the rules after giving them due notice of the time and place of the meeting for investigating the complaint.
  6. Pike Angling. No person shall use Trimmers, Nightlines, Bank runners, Gorge bait, Trolling or other illegal tackle, or use more than two rods at the same time. Only TWO rods to be used simultaneously. Wire traces MUST be used and only barbless or semi-barbed hooks, maximum two trebles per snap tackle. No gaffs or gags, long forceps must be carried. All Pike to be returned to the water alive. No live baiting is permitted on any of the Associations waters at any time. No fish to be removed from the canal for use as dead bait.
  7. Carp Angling. Three rods may be used for carp angling, providing they are fished in conjunction with electronic bite alarms and free-spool (bait runners) type reels. Three rods only applies to the Canal and NOT Heron Lake. A second environment agency rod licence must be acquired in order to fish with a third rod. This three-rod licence allowance is strictly for carp angling only. No fixed leads, un-hooking mats must be used at all times. All tackle must be carp friendly.
  8. No person shall fish within 20 yards of another, except by permission of the first comer. Fishing on the canal allowed from the Towpath only.
  9. Day tickets will be available for the canal only from dawn until dusk at £6 per person, 24 hour ticket available at £15. All tickets must be purchased in advance.
  10. All specimen fish to be weighed in on the bank, with a minimum of one witness. Scales used must be made available to a club official. Members and visitors must return all fish alive to the water with all possible care. Photographing of fish must be carried out on a weighing matt/sling or keepnet. No fish to be left on the ground.
  11. A Special Meeting may be convened at any time upon fourteen days notice in writing, signed by not less than six members and the president, being given to the secretary. Such notice to state the reason for which the meeting is to be called.
  12. Any member moving beyond the radius may retain his membership by continuing to pay his subscription.
  13. No alteration in the above rules shall be made except at a General Meeting of the Association. Notice of any proposed alterations shall be given to the secretary in writing 28 days prior to such meeting.
  14. No angler may fish within 30 metres each side of any overhead cables.
  15. In the event of the dissolution of the club all funds and assets of the club shall be donated to the Angling Trust or other charitable body
  16. No tins or glass bottles of any description are allowed on club waters. No poles to be passed beyond the back of the towpath. No noise or disturbance while night fishing. No digging of banks. No Litter.

 Equal Opportunity Policy

Marlborough and District Angling Association recognises and supports all aspects of Equal Opportunity. We wish to include all members of our community within the activities, and committee organisation aspects, of the varied works we undertake. We will endeavour, within the limits of our capabilities, to provide access to any member of the public wishing to participate in the activities we provide, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, religion, or physical and mental abilities. We exist to support our community through public interaction.

The Associations Canal Waters extend from Milkhouse Waters to Froxfield Parish Boundary (Little Bedwyn Roadside)

Heron Lake at Brimslade is available for members only. A member can take a (1) guest on purchase of a day ticket.


Additional rules for Heron Lake

  1. Members only (with guest ticket), no exchange tickets, no day tickets
  2. Juniors must be accompanied by an adult
  3. Barbless hooks only, maximum size 12.
  4. No night fishing or radios
  5. All litter in your swim is your responsibility please take it home
  6. Speed limit 10mph through the farm to be observed.
  7. No bloodworm or joker
  8. Only ONE rod to be in use at anyone time


Exchange books are available with the following clubs: Calne AA. IOW.  ISIS AC.  Newchurch AC.  South Cerney.  Chippenham AC

Contact Malcolm Ellis for information  01672 512922


For water/match bookings email

Match bookings can be made at £4.50/peg

Day tickets are available from: TK Tackle (Calne). Post Office (Great Bedwyn). Mace (Burbage). Challis Tackle (Andover). Tackle Den (South Cerney).

Day tickets can also be purchased on line at the MDAA website.

Tickets MUST be purchased prior to fishing. Failure to do so will incur a £10 cost and repeat occurrences will lead to a minimum ban of 1 year.