Milkhouse Water

This is the start of MDAA waters and procedds eastward for 1000m until New Mill Bridge. Parking is available alongside of the road at Milkhouse Bridge.

SN9 5JY | 51.354258, -1.750547

New Mill Bridge

On the outskirt of the village of New Mill. Parking is very limit here. The canal goes west towards Milkhouse bridge and east for 1700m to Wotton Rivers bridge.

SN9 5LD |  51.357745, -1.737071

Wotton Rivers

Below the lock is two short ponds and then a longer stretch back to New Mill. Above the lock is Wotton Rivers section (400m) and then another lock prior to Farmers (800m). Parking for is available in the spaces by the canal bridge.

SN8 4NN | 51.365027, -1.716344


This is part of the summit of the Kennet & Avon Canal. Below the lock is Short Stretch (200m) followed by the next lock which is the top end of Farmers. Brimslade section travels east for 1200m before arriving at Burbage Wharf. Parking is in the small paddock or on the side of the track on the way down to the lock. Please do not park outside the lock house.

SN8 4NF |  51.369640, -1.697111

Burbage Wharf

Limited parking is available in the small lay-by just off the main road prior to the canal bridge. Alternatively it is possible to park on the side road leading to Ram Alley. West of the bridge is Brimslade and east is the start Savernake Strech.

SN8 3BJ | 51.370070, -1.679114


The canal is not visible from here as it runs through the Bruce Tunnel. There are two small footpaths that run parallel to the railway. Access to Savernake stretch (900m) is to the west and Wolfhall to the east. Parking is limited to the roadside areas.

SN9 3AY |  51.367525, -1.662986


To the left side of the bridge is 950m of canal leading back to the Bruce tunnel at Savernake. On the right is a small section (400m) of Wolfhall leading up to a bay prior to the lock. Below the lock are three short sections, Tench Reach, Bannana Pound and Sam Farmers, totalling 800m. Parking for Wolfhall is on the side of the farm track just before the canal bridge.

SN8 3DP | 51.360687, -1.649800

Sam Farmers

This is to the left when stood on the towpath, below the lock are two small pounds totalling 500m. Limited parking is available on the side of the road.

SN8 3DN | 51.357587, -1.631516

Crofton & Competion

Crofton is the small wide section above the lock and is 230m long. Below the lock is Competition Reach, this 580m in length and is followed by Trout Reach. Parking for both these section is on the short track off the road leading up to the railway crossing.

SN8 3DW | 51.361126, -1.622187

Trout Reach

A small section with a bridge in the middle, 300m long. Below the lock is the top end of Beechess. Parking for these areas is in the wide track off the road leading to the railway crossing.

SN8 3PJ | 51.367859, -1.611595

Mill Bridge

This is the parking area for the majority of Beeches (570m), to the left, and Church Reach (460m) on the right under the bridge.

SN8 3PJ | 51.371364, -1.605028

Great Bedwyn

Parking is in the car park off the road at the wharf. These two section are Great Bedwyn Wharf (300m) on the left and under the bridge is Station section at 450m. This car park can also be used for Church Reach. The far end of the Station section is a lock with Potters below.

SN8 3PB | 51.378226, -1.598353


At the end of Frog Lane is a small parking area and Potters section is below the lock and 680m long. This area is also convenient for this end of the Station section.

SN8 3PB | 51.382245, -1.593988

Iron Bridge

Parking is on the roadside in Little Bedwyn village. Iron Bridge (430m) is a short walk down to the canal and to the left along the towpath. To the right is the top end of Bayside Little Bedwyn.

SN8 3JJ | 51.391693, -1.582567

Little Bedwyn

Bayside (620m)and Roadside (550m), parking is only available alongside the road or in the small parking area at Oakhill Down Lock.

SN8 3JS | 51.397192, -1.575787

Easterly Limit

This is the easterly limit of the clubs water and is 140m above Oakhill Down Lock.

51.401407, -1.572323